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Community is integral to Riverdale Country School. Every year, the Riverdale Middle School spends a day focusing on the importance of the many elements of a community. From guest speakers to workshops, students learn a variety of ways to take action against injustice and to promote equality in society.

In 2012, the Riverdale Middle School community day theme was “We live the dream from passion to action.” Students watched a video reflecting on The March on Washington as it was the 50-year anniversary. Students also learned about the people that were important to The March and how their actions affected African-American rights today.

The following year, the theme was voice. Students learned the importance of voice and  how it is expressed through photography, music videos, and in ending bullying. We learned using our voice is one of the most powerful things we can do.

This year, the theme was (in)visibility as well as social media and social justice. Two guest speakers taught us how social media is taking over our lives both positively and negatively. We learned nothing you say on the internet is private, and to always think before you upload or post.

Throughout my middle school experience, I’ve been lucky to have attended three community days, all of which have continuously built upon the principles of social justice.

Sophie Peretz, Grade 8


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