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Noam B. is a junior at Riverdale.

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  1. Mock Trial, Oh Yeah!

    [ By on January 30, 2013 ]

    Hello there! I'm taking Mock Trial as an activity this year. Tons of fun learning the ins and outs of the legal system. We, along with several other schools that we will soon compete with, are given a very interesting case that we study and eventually act out. Really an awesome activity; I give it my stamp of approval. There are also dozens of other activities that sound really fun and seem really welcoming and easy to pick up. Activity is definitely something I look forward to each week. Well folks, that's the news, and I... am... outta here!

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  2. Too School For Cool

    [ By on October 03, 2012 ]

    Here we are again. Riverdale. A community that somehow mitigates the classic fears of school. This is my junior year, infamously difficult, but my amiable peers and helpful teachers have shown me how to go through it without having too many nervous breakdowns. I'm doing XC for the second year in a row and as my counterpart Travis Brady mentioned in an earlier post, it is no walk in the park. No, rather it is a fast-paced run in a long, hilly park. Furthermore, he failed to mention my successful triumph over him by a mere one tenth of a second. On an academic note, I am taking Math, Latin, Chemistry, and Constructing America. Constructing America is a cool class ...

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