Marlise Muñoz, alive or incubator?

[ By on July 14, 2014 ]

This article discusses the story of Marlise Munoz, a 33 year old pregnant woman from Fort Worth, Texas who was proclaimed to be brain dead after collapsing on her kitchen floor last November because of a blood clot. Texas is part of the handful of states that prohibit medical officials from ending life support to pregnant women, and although Munoz’s family had decided to take Marlise off of life support, granting the choice she had made before reaching this condition, doctors at the John Peter Smith hospitals have not complied with this decision. This case brings up issues concerning abortion as well as end-of-life care.  (Thanks for Vera Armus-Laski for this post.)

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One Comment on “Marlise Muñoz, alive or incubator?”

  1. KNF

    Kelley Nicholson-Flynn

    [ September 04, 2014 at 2:45 pm ]

    (From Andrew Cohen)

    I completely agree with the doctors decision. I don’t think anybody has the right to end the life of a person who isn’t officially dead yet and contains a future child. Obviously if she were dead this would be a different conversation but if there is a way to keep her alive in order to bring the baby into the world that would be ideal. A solution to this problem would be to have somebody other than the family pay to keep her alive because they may not be able to afford it hence their decision to take her off of it.

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