Pros and Cons of Genetically Testing Embryos

[ By on July 14, 2014 ]

In this NYT article, differing opinions on the use of genetic testing
of embryos are discussed. Some ethicists argue that people can be
obligated to use genetic testing in order to spare the next
generation. Others argue that discarding embryos which have genetic
mutations is wrong because eliminating embryos with such genes is
essentially saying someone the mutation should never have been born. I
personally believe that people should have the right to genetically
test embryos if they choose to do so. What are your thoughts on the
use of genetic testing of embryos?  (Thanks to Sam Weinberger for this post.)

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3 Comments on “Pros and Cons of Genetically Testing Embryos”

  1. KNF

    I think it would be kind of beautiful if all children could be born perfectly healthy. It could offer some kind of equity to an aspect of life that has always been completely uncontrollable. It is true that some children are born into certain privileges, whether it be because of wealth, location, gender, or race. Our health is something that many of take for granted and it is an advantage. It is now possible to give that advantage to all children. Separately, I think it is interesting that a tag on this article/blog post is abortion. It seems to me that embryo that has been purposefully tested and implanted is a intentional and wanted pregnancy. I feel like this could help women avoid another ethically complicated and incredibly hard decision.

  2. KNF

    Kelley Nicholson-Flynn

    [ September 04, 2014 at 3:41 pm ]


    Interesting point about the tag. Could you suggest an alternate or additional tag? I had tagged it “abortion” because I was thinking about the embryos that were selected against.

  3. KNF

    In a perfect society all humans should be created equal. But unfortunately we do not live in a perfect society, we live in a society where there are faults and imperfections within ourselves. To get by in this imperfect society I feel that it is only right for people who are already at a disadvantage, to use methods that will give them the opportunity to succeed in this world.
    This country was built on Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Although that theory can be questioned it can count as an easy justification as to why people an make adjustments in this imperfect world

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