Should we have destroyed anthrax?

[ By on July 14, 2014 ]

This article from the NYTimes is really scary!




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2 Comments on “Should we have destroyed anthrax?”

  1. Nolan Flynn

    It’s amazing how some people can be so irresponsible while handling such important items. However, I still take the position of support for having such dangerous substances at the CDC. Without them, it is impossible to run tests on them and learn more about them. Though the risks are great, I believe that by just increasing security of such dangerous toxins, we can use them for good.

  2. Nolan Flynn

    I, too, find it astonishing how irresponsibly these dangerous substances are handled at times. I found it very interesting how the idea of “hubris” can play into this issue. Dr. Frieden was concerned about researchers handling these deadly microbes becoming “hubris” because they deal with them regularly. He is afraid these researchers might throw caution to the wind and not follow important safety protocols due to this excess of pride. Not only does breaking these protocols put the researchers in danger, but also their colleagues and others. I believe that having secure access to these dangerous substances is important. Research being done on microbes, like Anthrax, can lead to the protection of people, if handled correctly that is. If the CDC is unable act accordingly

    to the safety standards they set for other organizations and labs, then I belive action needs to be taken. Whether that be in the form of a private overseer, stricter enforcement of regulations or some other way is important. However, I think, it is of utmost importance for the CDC to deal with these hazardous substances with care and caution.

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