Posts in September 2014

  1. Do elephants have souls? (From James Wolf)

    [ By on September 18, 2014 ]

    Former RCS bioethicist James Wolf recognized that this article is relevant for our unit on animal rights.  James writes "It is about elephants and how they often make conscious decisions, despite humans not giving them credit for it." Elephants clearly have some impressive capacities.  Does it change the way you think about them?

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  2. The “Truth” About Downs Syndrome

    [ By on September 07, 2014 ]

    This article gets at the heart of the idea of "facts" in bioethics.  Dawkins, a well respected scientist, seems to suggest that it is foregone conclusion that children with Downs Syndrome will suffer.  Is this an objective conclusion?  How would you "measure" suffering?  How does knowing a child with Downs Syndrome change a person's thoughts about whether or not they are suffering?  Lastly, can one truly know an answer to that question when given a prenatal diagnosis of Downs Syndrome?

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