Does the government have the right to limit sugary drinks?

[ By on December 18, 2014 ]

Obesity in the United States is a growing problem. Six out of ten New York City residents are obese or overweight and nearly four out of ten school children are as well. In this article, CNN debates the pros and cons to the ban of sugary drinks larger than sixteen ounces in New York City.  They first debate whether or not the ban would be effective. The article agrees with the Board of Health that the ban on sugary drinks could have a positive effect in helping to diminish the problem of obesity in New York City. The article goes on to argue the questions “Is the ban consistent?”, “Does the Board of Health have the power?”, and “Should industry have an outsized influence on public health policy?”. Obesity surely is a huge problem in the United States, but the controversial questions still loom, does the government have the right to influence peoples regular diet? Will this ban work? And finally, Is this ban an infringement on your rights? Let me know your opinions on this important topic.

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One Comment on “Does the government have the right to limit sugary drinks?”

  1. reedlipman

    While there is a public health cost to sugary drinks that we all have to bear, I think the balance needs to go to freedom– freedom of choice. This includes freedom to be unhealthy, as long as it does not harm another in the process. I think educating folks is the way to go. I could also see a tax on the excess sugar to help shape peoples’ choices and also recoup some of the medical costs that are incurred when people make bad choices.

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