Marijuana– Moral?

[ By on December 18, 2014 ]

Marijuana possession is becoming decriminalized across the country, and use is legal in some states. In response to this change, people, such as Philip Boffey, have found it necessary to understand the science and the potential consequences of this change. In Boffey’s article he guides us through various articles and studies that support or criticize this change. After examining addiction, impact on youth, and comparing marijuana to other substances Boffey seems to understand and explain the scientific dangers while coming to a conclusion that strict government regulation might be the best option for minimizing the dangers of this drug. There are undeniable risks in using any substance, but as state laws are already changing and legal marijuana use might become a reality, what is the moral decision? Who should be responsible for making this decision in regards to teenagers and young adults: parents, schools and administration, or the people themselves?

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One Comment on “Marijuana– Moral?”

  1. meraven

    what do you mean by the moral decision? Can it be immoral to use a substance? Unwise and unhealthy in some cases but I’m not sure I’m understanding where morality comes into play?

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