Use of Chemical Weapons in Protests

[ By on December 18, 2014 ]

With the recent, unfortunate, verdicts on the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases, many people have gone to the streets to have peaceful but sometimes turning violent protests. In a recent article written by Christie Willcox she describes the way in which police forces are approaching the problem of dispersing huge crowds. She specifically focuses on the use of chemical agents such as tear gas and how some believe that the use of tear gas is immoral because it activates the pain sensing nerves and has the possibility to cause permanent damage such as heart or liver damage, damage to eyes, and heart failure. However, some would argue that police should have the ability to use any force necessary in order to protect their lives. Do you think their should be restrictions on the use of tear gas or do you think the use of chemical weapons in the US should be outlawed all together?

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