Misogyny in Rap: Affecting Psychology?

[ By on December 23, 2014 ]

In hip hop and rap, women are often degraded or objectified and, in this study, Ellen  Nikodym from Macalester College discusses the effects of misogynistic lyrics and themes on women listeners. Compiling and outlining the various studies on the psychological effects of hip hop and rap, she finds that exposure to these lyrics often cultivate self-objectification, as women internalize these standards of male objectification of women’s bodies. She argues, for example, that listening to lyrics about reducing women to their bodies affects the self-esteem of female listeners. And, as many young people listen to these genres, she begs the question: should kids be exposed to this music in their formative years? As adolescents learn more about the world through art, history, and music, should these kids be learning about the “world,” when the world in rap is largely distorted and misogynistic?



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