Is it Football or is it people

[ By on May 11, 2016 ]

Football has been the center of attention recently when it comes to concussions, but is it exclusively football that causes these traumatic brain injuries?

The answer is no. Based on statistics made available by the Head Case Company, it is shown that while football is responsible for the most head injuries, other sports like boys ice hockey and boys lacrosse also cause many head traumas. This is not surprising given that these three sports are what is known as “contact sports”; however, what is surprising is the findings of the article “Girls suffer sports concussions at a higher rate than boys. Why is that overlooked?”. This article explains that for a variety of reasons, female ice hockey players suffer concussions at a higher rate than any male sport and yet little is done about it. The commonness of the head injuries in female ice hockey is shocking considering how often the general public hear about it. I believe that there are two reasons why the general public primarily hear about the head traumas in football but not in women’s ice hockey. The first reason is the amount of people who play football compared to the amount of women who play ice hockey. My second reason is the difference in popularity. Football is one of the most popular sports in america meanwhile, women’s ice hockey is much less popular. Those two reasons are why the general public hear more about injuries in football. Figuring out the reasons why head injuries are more publicized in one sport versus another is not what is necessary; instead, we need to figure out what can be done to reduce the amount of head injuries. I feel that this should start in football because in football, heads up tackling can be taught and in hockey, hitting without a strict form is part of the game. The real question about heads up tackling is effective enough. I feel that no matter what, some amount of head injuries will always exist in football because of the sports nature; however, I feel that the excitement of the sport and the effects it has on the american economy is large enough to balance the head injuries. 

Is football to blame for the increase in reported concussions or is it medicine and the media itself that has caused the anxiety about head injuries?

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