The Uncertainty About Helmets

[ By on May 18, 2016 ]

What do helmets really do?

In every sport that they are used, teams strive to have have the best helmets. Many people believe that helmets play a role in reducing the amount of concussions in a sport; however, all helmets do is protect the skull. Concussions occur when the brain shifts inside the skull and hits the sides of the skull. That is why helmets are not very helpful in preventing concussions.

Why do teams focus more on helmets rather than on strengthening neck muscles?

Teams focus more on getting good helmets rather than on having strong necks for two main reasons. The first reason is that it is much easier to convince parents that the four hundred dollar helmet that their cild is wearing is going to prevent head injuries than it is to convince a parent that an exercise for ten minutes a day will protect their child’s brain. The second reason is that for coaches that have not gone through proper training, it is easier to give kids good helmets than strengthen their neck.

Is it okay for football leagues to take advantage of this common misconception and not change or should leagues be upfront about these issues and risk losing many players?

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