How can we solve the health care crisis? by Jake Seeherman

[ By on December 18, 2016 ]

If someone is in dire need of medical attention but does not have health care or is not able to afford paying for the necessary care they need, should they still be taken care of? What if they are in a life threatening position where the only way of surviving is from the care and help of a proper medical physician? “64 million Americans still can’t afford health care.” Some people believe that as humans we have the right to proper medical attention whether we can afford it or not. While others realize that it is technically against the law to receive help with the knowledge that the patient can not afford it, and if given the help the doctors do not get paid for their work. Although there are some doctors who would save someone’s life despite being aware of not getting paid to do so. On the other hand if doctors let all of those 64 million people who cannot afford healthcare get free healthcare how would they earn a living? If we only let some a few people receive free medical attention who and how would we decided which patients are the exceptions?



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  1. KNF

    Your argument suggests that for health care for all to be sustainable, the entire population of citizen within a system would need to assume collective responsibility for that to have a chance of working. There are a number of ways to implement collective responsibility for health care which would be worth exploring. It is also worth considering further the original question of whether or not we are all entitled to access to health care regardless of finance, and if so, why?

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