Is pursuit of space exploration an efficient use of time? (by Caleb Jeanniton)

[ By on May 15, 2017 ]

Due to technological advancements, space exploration is more feasible than ever before. With ambitious new companies like SpaceX attempting to minimize the gap between modest exploration to human life on other planets, the future of space travel seems promising. However, as Janet D. Stemwedel explains in her article “Would it be Ethical to Colonize Mars”, we may want to take a moment to reflect on the potential impacts space exploration could have on our species, planet, and solar system. There is a significant amount of the population that believes that taxpayer’s money should be routed towards more earthly endeavors such as education, the economy, and other areas in need.

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2 Comments on “Is pursuit of space exploration an efficient use of time? (by Caleb Jeanniton)”

  1. KNF

    Mr. Jeanniton,
    What would the benefits be to colonizing Mars? Would it be worth it if our main focus was a sustainable ecosystem? While I agree that the tax payer’s money should be used for the improvement of the planet we live on, I would ask you a question: Do you think the Earth’s environment is able to survive with the number of human beings currently living on it or do we actually need to explore other options?

  2. KNF

    Kelley Nicholson-Flynn

    [ May 16, 2017 at 4:28 pm ]

    I wonder if you mean “efficient use of time” or “moral distribution of resources?” It seems as though you are interested in the latter. I would encourage you to look at John Rawls theory of Justice to inform this exploration.

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