Should Music Be a Mandatory Part of Education? (by Emilio Modeste)

[ By on May 22, 2017 ]

For years, people have fought to grow school budgets to put music programs in public schools. And the main opponent is, in fact, the limited resources that the education system has to cultivate music programs in schools.However, from this blockade arises a very real question: why is music a necessary part of a children’s education? If legislation is going to pass to put more music in schools, then there needs to be proof that it is an integral part of a child’s development. An article published for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that students under music education are better at processing sound in their brains, while those who are not have less developed capabilities. Though the experiment is only a couple of years into its 5-year process, these early conclusions already show a difference in development for school-aged kids. This conclusion means that common core students’ brains  are less developed than students who also take music. Is this data enough to make music a mandatory subject in schools? Or should parents and/or children have the liberty to choose the core of education? And does this mean they should have the liberty to choose all subjects, or just the arts?


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