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  1. Legalization leads to decline in use of harmful substances

    [ By on December 18, 2014 ]

    Cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol are the three main culprits for stunting development in teens today. In this article, Christopher Ingraham offers some information that warrants some positivity. Over the last 25 years, teens' cigarette and alcohol intake has been on a steady decline. Since the legalization of marijuana in some states on the west coast, the intake of marijuana has also declined in teens. After reading the article, do you think that more states should legalize marijuana? Could it be possible that teens are more attracted to the risk of smoking marijuana rather than the actual feeling induced when consumed?

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  2. New Concussion Protocol in the NFL

    [ By on December 15, 2014 ]

    As an aspiring college football player, one thing that worries me about my sport is the scrutiny it is under for the approach taken towards concussions, also known as "the c word." I found this intriguing article about the new concussion protocol in the National Football League. The reader is given an insight as to how the New York Giants team physician, Dr. Russell Warren, "tackles" the developing issue. The NFL is making great strides towards limiting the long term effects of concussions and making football a safer sport. After reading the article, what are your thoughts on the newly adopted concussion protocol. Does the NFL need to do more?

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