One World Day

[ December 12, 2011 ]

This year, the theme of one world day was the Bronx. Because our school is located in the Bronx, this theme was very relevant and I was eager to learn about the place that I spend most of my time. We spent the day learning about the inciting, hidden culture of the Bronx. In the morning, we had a fun assembly, where we had guest speakers tell us their stories about the Bronx and their knowledge and opinions about the borough. We also got a taste of the bronx musical culture from a group of musicians that performed for us. Lots of people got up and danced to the music and had a really fun time. After our “dance party” in the gym, we headed to the theater and learned about the work of a group of graffiti artists. They have done murals all throughout the Bronx that represent the culture and make the Bronx a more beautiful place. After this, everyone split up into their groups for the day. Each group went off and did their own “bronx-oriented” thing. My group took a field trip to City Island. I had never been to City Island before and had no idea what to expect. Being on that island made me feel like I wasn’t even in New York anymore, it felt like I was on a vacation. Fishing is very popular on the island and the water is overflowing with different kinds of boats. The island is only about 1.5 miles and consists of an abundance of cute little shops, authentic restaurants and very pretty houses. It is so remarkable, that a place as beautiful and different as City Island exists in New York, and the Bronx should be proud of their extraordinary island. Today I learned so many new things about the Bronx and became really interested in the culture and the special places that the Bronx has to offer.

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  1. Charlotte M.


    [ September 13, 2018 at 5:53 pm ]

    Designating one day to “experience” the Bronx couldn’t possibly give an insightful, nor respectful, perspective on what it is like to live there. The median household income for City Island is higher than it is for the rest of the Bronx, so is the level of education and the prices of homes are in the several hundreds of thousands of dollar. Tt seems like the town is more of its own community than part of the Bronx.

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