One World Day

[ December 12, 2011 ]

Hey guys! Yesterday was one world day which was sooo much fun (and we got to skip class) which is always a plus. In the morning all of the upper school was in the gym and we heard Mr. Doerfler give a speech about his memories growing up in the bronx. After that, the Bronx Borough President came and talked more to us about the Bronx. Then a bunch of hip hop dancers came and danced for us which was soo cool. We then went to the auditorium and watched a movie about the bronx. Later, we divided into small groups and went to different locations in the bronx. My group went to parkchester where we walked around, went to starbucks, and saw the buildings that were surrounding the park. The only bad thing about the trip was that we got stuck in traffic for like an hour and a half.

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