One World Day

[ December 12, 2011 ]

Yesterday, the Upper School had the opportunity to not to have classes and experience yet another One World Day. This year, the theme of One World Day (OWD) was the Bronx. We learned all about the borough that we go to school in and spend most of our waking hours in. In the morning, we met up as advisories then went to the gym to listen to the Bronx Borough President, to experience salsa dancing and hip hop. After listening to the performance, we went to the theater for a presentation from graffiti artists that was quite interesting. After, we watched a movie about growing up in the Bronx. Some students split off, but I went to lunch with a couple of people. After lunch, my OWD group met up and walked to Wave Hill, a public garden and park right near the Lower School. We all took our cameras and had a wonderful time taking pictures and looking at the flowers. More pictures to come soon!  All in all, the day was fun and I learned a lot about the Bronx. It was interesting to see where my friends had gone because we all went to very diverse, different places. To name a few, some people went to City Island, the Bronx Museum, graffiti/hip-hop workshops, Parkchester, and many other places.

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