One World Day:Learning About the Bronx

[ December 12, 2011 ]

Yesterday was one world day for the whole upper school! This meant that we didn’t have classes for the whole day! But more importantly, the day was very meaningful considering that our school is right in the Bronx. In the morning, we heard wonderful speeches about growing up in the Bronx as well as future plans for the borough. One of the speakers included the borough president! We saw really cool music performances: ranging from salsa to break dancing! Later, we saw a movie about the uprising of the music scene in the Bronx.

In the afternoon, everyone was split up into groups and traveled to classic places and organizations in the Bronx, such as the Bronx museum and City Island.My group stayed at school and were lucky enough to learn some break dancing moves from the hip hop crew that we had seen earlier in the day! (Definitely going to use those sometime!) After, we headed down to Lindenbaum (the arts building) where graffiti artists, called Tats Cru, taught us about graffiti and spray paint (they do a wide range of projects, from advertisements to [purposely] spray painting a car). We got to try out spray painting our names and doodles with many different colors. My day was a lot of fun and I definitely got a sense of a part of the music and art culture!

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