Photography @ Riverdale

[ December 12, 2011 ]

This year, I am very lucky to be in the Photo I class at Riverdale. The teacher is Mr. Simon, probably one of the funniest teacher’s at Riverdale. I really enjoy the course because we take film photos and digital photos. We develop in a dark room and wet lab, but also do things on the computer. Often times, Mr. Simon lets of go off on our own to take pictures of whatever we find is interesting all around campus. Later, we develop the film and print in the dark room or download pictures onto the computer. Recently, we developed and printed pictures from film and we proceed to scan them into computers. Then, we color the black and white prints on Photoshop. It is fun to see what our pictures would look like if we took them in color. Sometimes people make the pictures very realistic, other times, they are just crazy colors. All in all, photo is a really fun class that I look forward to every day!

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