Science Symposium!

[ December 12, 2011 ]

Every summer, students have the opportunity to pursue their interest in science in many different ways. Riverdale has a group of kids explore the Bronx River and investigate mussels and compare this river to others. About 12 other students worked in labs across the state where they were able to research a specific topic that interested them most. Most of the labs were affiliated with various colleges and all of the students had very supportive mentors to help them out. It was really cool to get to see the wide range of interests that people had in science, and how helpful and even sometimes groundbreaking their work was for future studies. Their research ranged from studying LPP, a condition found in women during some pregnancies, to observing fruit flies, studying the emotional impact of divorce, working on creating more efficient and greener energy, and looking at the significance of strands of DNA. All of their work definitely seemed time consuming but very rewarding!! Congratulations to everyone who presented!

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