The Many Arts of Riverdale…

[ December 12, 2011 ]

This year I have a great opportunity to take Photography as my art. Since I already took one year of Studio Art, I had many arts to choose from including photography, ceramics, sculpture, studio art 2, design lab, architecture, painting, drawing, and PICA (Projects in Contemporary Art). There are so many options to choose from and it was hard to make a decision at the end of last year. My first choice was photography, and I fortunately received my first choice. We have been working will film cameras loading our cameras, taking pictures, developing them in the dark room, printing them in the dark room, and looking at many famous photographers over the years. At first when you first develop your first roll of film, it is quite challenging because you are preparing the film and dealing with chemicals in a tiny room in which you cant even see you hand in front of you  because it is so dark. At the same time, you don’t clearly know how your photos are going to turn out until you put them in the developer. There are so many factors that depend on a good photograph, it is hard to make them perfect at first. The class is interesting and fun because the teacher, Mr. Simon, lets us take pictures of whatever we want, so for one class per week we take photos and yesterday I went with some of my friends in that class to Vinik, the admission building and the Day Care Center. Its fun to see what all my classmates take pictures of because there is a wide variety of subject matter across all of the pictures.

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