#Pear (Deck) It Up with Google Slides

Wishing you could make your lesson more interactive? Here’s the perfect pear.

“Welcome back to school everyone. We’re going to start of the school year by reading off some classroom expectations. After that, we’ll learn about the parts of the cello and how we should take care of the instrument.”

Not the most exciting lesson, eh? Enter Google Slides and PearDeck. I was looking for a way to make the beginning of the year content a bit more engaging and interactive for my students, and this combination seemed like a great way to do so. Although the original reason for trying out PearDeck was for the beginning of the year, I think that many teachers would find this program extremely useful at any point throughout the school year, not only to keep their students involved in the learning process, but also to assess what they have retained.

Here are some examples of some Pear Deck templates that I have used so far this year:

There’s many more templates for interactive slides that are already made. All you need to do is customize it to your needs.

Here’s a video to demonstrate what the Pear Deck Add-On has to offer:

For more information about how to start using Pear Deck go here!

For more information contact: Jenna Girone Virgilio

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