#BookCreator: Service Learning Project in Spanish II

Students in Spanish II teach the community about service learning opportunities using Book Creator.


In Spanish II students researched service learning opportunities that they are interested in. They put together promotional books in order to inform others about the service learning opportunity they are interested in engaging in. They thought about why they want to contribute and how this will benefit them. The books were written in Spanish following specific grammar guidelines from Spanish II. They used regular verbs, verbs like Gustar, ser, estar, haber, and direct object pronouns. They combined the grammar topics and what they had learned about service learning in the class and through research to create the books. They followed a guideline of questions to answer as well.

They all have access to the library they are able to read each other’s books, ask questions, and partner up if necessary. They are also able to share their books with other members of the community and the books will serve as a resource for students in Spanish class who engage with service learning in the future. Later in the year they will actually do the service learning project they wrote about and the second part of the project will be a reflection, which will be included in the book.

For more information contact: Miriam Piña

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