#Triptico: A Great Resource in Kindergarten!

How to use the web-based program, Triptico to foster student engagement in a kindergarten classroom.

This amazing tool offers four different categories of programs: tools, timers, selectors, and quizzes. Each has interactive apps that you can use and adapt to your class. The different interactive modes allowed me to bring creativity and uniqueness into the classroom, diversifying the ways in which my students learn, review, and practice various skills. By utilizing the tools, word magnets and text spinner included in Triptico, my students had the opportunity to visualize concepts, manipulate images/texts  and most importantly improve their interactivity throughout the learning process.

Triptico! The Smoothest Classroom Tool Ever Used…

As every teacher knows, there is an overloading number of websites and tools available to educators.  However, the trick is to find the ones that suit your needs, skills, and even your personality in the classroom. TRIPTICO offers a wide variety of creative, interactive, and visually engaging apps. It allows you to create and use various types of activities, tools, and quiz makers to help improve the classroom and engage students.

At the beginning of the school year, I used craft sticks or board magnets for my students in kindergarten to take attendance, vote for our weekly taste tests, or change the helpers on ours Helper’s Chart.  I noticed the students getting distracted and restless during certain lessons or transition activities. Ever since I started utilizing Triptico in the classroom, it made my life so much easier! It helped me create challenging, fun, and interactive activities that help students to learn and develop a more intrinsic sense of the material.

Word Magnets: I added the names of my students as magnets and took attendance by asking each student to move their name from ‘absent’ to ‘present’ as they enter the room. Using the name magnets, the students would vote for the weekly taste tests by dragging their name to a particular point on the board.  

Text Spinner: I would spin the names wheel to select students to come up and share their letter items during letter study.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this program for teachers that want to improve interactivity, foster competition, and engage students in the learning process. It’s an effective resource for promoting learning, and, for this alone, it has earned a place in my classroom. I encourage you to give it a try in yours as well!

For more information contact: Maha El Faissal

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