#MathWhiz: Geogebra for Graphing

Have students understand transformations using geogebra and having the visual impact of the movement of the graph to help them see stretches and shifts


I have used geogebra with both my algebra1 and 2 classes. Normally I use desmos, but I would have to do a screen capture and transport the image to smartnotes. Using geogebra allows me to do the graphing directly in the document so that the downloaded file incorporates  said models. The students find the technology useful and clear. What I find really fantastic about geogebra is looking at how the equation of the graph changes concurrently with moving the graph. Highlight the graph and move it, and watch the numbers change. This is very powerful for the students to see. It emphasizes the opposite change horizontally and the intuitive vertical change.

For more information contact: Nicole Sin Quee