Students Utilize RCS Makerspace to Turn Ideas Into Working Projects

[ November 19, 2013 ]

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The RCS maker program, based in the RCS Makerspace in the Linda M. Lindenbaum Center for the Arts, combines design, engineering, art, and technology to allow students to turn ideas into working projects. “The idea is to foster innovation by providing a place where students can combine their academic coursework with real-world problem solving,” explains STEM Integrator Josh Merrow.

He provides a few examples of the exciting projects students currently are doing:

Dr. Rachel Cox’s ninth-grade biology students are designing and building a microcontroller-based machine to monitor and feed the marine wildlife they are studying over the winter holiday. This project involves a good deal of problem solving, mechanical engineering, and computer programming.

Seniors in the 3D Design class are designing and fabricating their dream bicycles. Besides using their physics and math skills outside the classroom, students are learning to work with their hands. The projects require metal fabrication techniques like welding and machining.

The after-school computer programming group is now doing the final work on a 30-foot sensor array that will drive an art installation they are building in the pedestrian tunnel under the cafeteria. Pulsing LED lighting and sound effects will follow pedestrian movement through the tunnel by tracking body heat.

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