Middle School Students Play Games with their Art

[ February 26, 2014 ]

Inspired by board games, the “Fine Line 9,” a group of seventh-grade art students, recently installed a five-wall mural in the home of the Middle School, Frank S. Hackett Hall.

According to their art teacher, Nicky Enright, “The imagery is drawn from numerous games, including chess and checkers, Monopoly, Candyland, and Life, and they used many elements from the actual games.”

One wall depicts a sleeping student, suggesting that he is dreaming of games. There are also many kinds of dice hanging around– including the furry kind!–various game currencies, paths, and characters, and one of the actual pencils used to create the works.

The illusion of the words in the title, “Life is a Game,” can be seen on the central panel, making this collaborative work a playful exploration of games and what they may evoke, the students point out in their project description.

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