Intro To Analytics

Hi there! Welcome to Riverdale’s newest blog. We are members of the RSAC (Riverdale Sports Analytics Collective) and writers of this blog. We wanted to start out by introducing ourselves, and the mission of our club, to you. I’m Alex Egol, a leader of the RSAC. Alex Ross, Ben Marks, and Harry Landis are the other juniors co-leading with me. Gabe Feldman, Reid Slott, Nate Braus, Richie Diamond, Lorenzo Simone Pereira-Tobin, Jaden Yablon, JJ Davidoff, Ethan Storz, and Daniel Bojmel are our members right now. All of us are led by math teacher Mr. Greenstein. Together, we think about statistical problems, learn about statistical principles, and talk about how to engage Riverdale and create content. We know that many of our readers may not be familiar with analytics, so we wanted to leave you all with links to analytics guides that could give you a starting point for all the reading, viewing, and listening you’re going to do with us. Thanks for checking this out!

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