The Steps of the MET


Sunday February 5th, Fifth Avenue 82nd Street,

There are lots of Taxis. There are also many black cars that look expensive. Most of the people outside are dressed in dark colors. Hordes of tourists crowd outside the MET. There is a juxtaposition between an older stone building and a newer glass one. Many of the buildings are constructed using stone with green awnings attended by doormen. The all the buildings across from me have roof gardens. From where I sit one of the older buildings looks empty. None of the buildings have their windows open. None of the buildings have their blinds closed either. Many people are taking pictures with their iPhones. There are no “real” cameras. There are both city and tourist buses. The side walk is very broad which is unusual within New York City. The throngs of people make me feel comfortable within the public space. This sense of security corroborates Jans Jacobs’s idea that streets can make someone “personally safe and secure…among all these strangers”(30). The quiet avenue has none of the “barbarism” (32) that Jacob’s attributes states has “taken over many city streets”(30). The sidewalk is also spotless. Many families are taking walks with their children and strollers. Most of the people seem very relaxed, there is no sense of urgency or tension in their movements. There is no police or security presence.

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