Fix-It Felix By Destinee A

This morning was practically identical to every other, except, my bus driver Tamika texted our group chat to inform us that she was pushing all of our pick-up times back by fifteen minutes. Rather than using this time to get more sleep, I decided to use it to get breakfast before school instead of at school. Most places around me do not open until around eight o’clock, however, I need to be at my bus stop by seven-twenty am. Before Tamika made the changes I use to get to school at 8:05 which allowed me plenty of time to get a sandwich and get to class on time. Now, I get to school at 8:20 the earliest, meaning that I need to get breakfast before I get on the bus. Simply not eating is not an option for me. Unlike most people who can skip breakfast, I literally cannot function and that is why Felix is my savior. Felix is a middle-aged man who owns a bodega with his brothers. This bodega is called Twin Deli Grocery and is located a block away from my house. 

Every child on the Grand Concourse has many fond memories of this bodega. It is where so many of our firsts happened. The first time we went to the store by ourselves, the first time we spent our own money or even the first jobs we had ever had were all in Felix’ bodega. In fact, my first job was taking inventory at Twin Deli Grocery the summer after freshman year. We all adore Felix and his shop. My love for Felix and the fact that he opens his store at five o’clock in the morning to ensure that all students can get breakfast before school is why stopping by has become a part of my daily morning routine. 

I wake up every morning like clockwork at six. It has gotten to the point where I no longer need to set an alarm. My mom hounds me for not setting an alarm, but my method always seems to work out. Upon waking up, I stare at the time for about ten minutes before realizing that I am going to make myself late for school. Not wanting to here my mom’s scolding of how setting an alarm could have prevented by need to rush, I hop out of bed and jump into the shower. About fifteen minutes later, I am dressed and aggressively beating my face with makeup being careful not to dirty my shirt. By now it is seven am and my hunger has set in. Hanger is an emotion that most people do not expect from me, however, it hits me full force. I hurriedly look for my keys before running out the door and to the elevator. 

Upon my arrival, I am greeted by Felix’s brother and head right over to the ordering station. Felix, who doubles as owner and chef declares before I can even say good morning “Bacon and egg on a roll, right, and no cheese?” I grin and nod enthusiastically before turning into the drink aisle to grab an Orangina to go with my sandwich. Having found it, I call Enely and Ali to see if they want anything. They both ask for an iced coffee which I eagerly ordered for them. When I go to the counter to check out, Felix tells me “it’ll be five dollars” even though I know my order is most likely ten dollars and I pay the five nonetheless. I run to the bus with a cheesy smile knowing that Felix saved the day with my bacon and egg with no cheese.

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